(Film coming soon)
The notion of belonging is a core aspect of how we define who we are. Social identity is what makes us humans. But today, belonging is certainly changing. What does national identity mean in the context of a multiculturalism, globalization and international migration?

This mini-serie of documentaries will follow three stories. Stories of migrants that aim to uncover deeper layers into the true meaning of belonging. Across each story, we learn about the challenges they face, the actions and pivotal moments that determined their fate, but most importantly how they define who they are today.

We want this documentary to be an explosion within the mind of global viewers, one that will make them come to the realization that the identity they hold so tightly to may be ephemeral.
We go on this quest with the objective of answering a pressing question – Have we lost our sense of belonging, or are we finding new ways of defining who we are?

We showcase a portrait of a Rohingya refugee, a community that has fled from their country of origin, escaping a coordinated campaign of mass killings and persecuted purely because of their religion.
They are the single largest stateless community in the world. Hundreds of thousands of families with no passport, no land and no education.

Project by
Carlos Rivero & Alex Sandoval

Cinematography by
Carlos Rivero

In Collaboration with
Artolution & Ochodias